Presentation at PT Live

Personal Touch Directors

· I enjoyed the presentation from one of our members, Doug Bennett, who was brave in speaking in front of so many people. It was from the heart and incredibly interesting
· Throughout the day at Personal Touch LIVE we had very informative and interesting sessions from Aviva, iPipeline and Doug Bennett.
· I particularly enjoyed the presentations; there were some great technology ones from Aviva’s Louise Colley and the fabulous Mr Smith from iPipeline. Esther from LBG also gave a very informative presentation, but my favourite has to be Doug Bennett’s.

Fellow Advisers

We asked them to state how what you have learnt at the event will help shape your business over the next 12 months and these are some responses
· Had some very good ideas that where more practical from Doug Bennett. Especially as he is an adviser.
· Doug Bennetts presentation provided a few ideas which I can incorporate in my own business
We also asked what they liked most about the event and they said:
· The seminar by Doug Bennett
· Presentations by iPipeline & Doug Bennett

Piers Colegate

“The expenditure questionnaire has proved really useful and has enabled me to make a genuine improvement on the quality of the advice I have been able to give to clients. The peace of mind questionnaire is great and has made a big difference to my protection figures, it helps focus the clients and focus discussions on what their needs are.
I started advising in August 2014, I had previously been a teacher for 8 years before which I worked as a corporate account broker for Aon in Sydney. As a new advisor your tools were incredibly helpful to me, thank you. When I spoke to you I was still trying to get my head around the business and everything that it involved. I felt pretty frantic! As an experienced advisor you showed it was possible to have a calm and controlled approach to business which is something that I could then aspire to. You also showed me that advisers are able to work as a team and take an ‘in it together’ approach to the business, which was the opposite of how I thought the adviser community would be.”

Nikki Fitzsimmons

The Budget Planner –

“Firstly, sending this to a potential client, along with an introduction email, list of documents to have to hand for your meeting and your Terms and Conditions makes you look much more professional right from the start. Secondly, by asking the customer to email the completed Budget Planner back to you before you meet with them, you will have valuable information on their incomings and outgoings and in what areas their money is spent along with an idea on how much money they have to spend on a mortgage and protection. In addition, you are obtaining ‘buy in’ from that client as they have taken the time to sit down and complete the planner and are taking your meeting and time seriously.

The Budget Planner is now a very valuable item in my toolbox and I would say it has helped me to provide cover to clients who may have not decided to take it under other circumstances. I would encourage every Adviser to use the planner as I wouldn’t want to be without it now!”